Awakura Matsuri: A Small Buddhist festival in Gujo Hachiman

A small local temple festival – Awakura Matsuri was held in Kaibutsu Yakushi (戒仏薬師), Gujo city, Gifu on February 11th. This festival has been inherited by neighborhood for a long time.

Neighbors cook Japanese millet mochi (粟餅) made in the shape of Mt. Hakusan (白山) for worshippers at the festival. This is the first time I have attended it. I’m very looking forward to it. I also need to study the back ground of this festival.

We prepared mochi for an upcoming small festival at Kaibutsu Yakushi temple in Gujo Hachiman. These millet mochi will be given to worshipers on February 11.

Worshipers were given 5 mochis after they prayed. It was also good experience for me to participate in this event for the first time.

Kaibutsu Yakushi (戒仏薬師)

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