Gujo Odori: Exciting Summer Festival Everyone can join.

Traditional Bon Dance, “Gujo Odori” is for everyone!

Gujo Odori is a traditional Dance sterted from Edo period in Gujo Hachiman. It is also recognized as one of the Japanese largest summer dance festival (Bon Odori, 盆おどり). Gujo Odori’s biggest charm is that everyone can join it. Both locals and tourists dance together so you need not to hesitate to join it.

There are many Gujo Odori movies on Youtube.

When I joined it for the first time last summer, I learned basic by watching someone who can dance well. I’m still not good dancer but the basic movement of Gujo Odori is simple so you can join easily. 

So, let’s enjoy Gujo Odori together!

When and How long is Gujo Odori held in Gujo Hachiman?

Gujo Odori starts from July to September. Exact schedule is described in the link below.

It continues for about 2-3 hours basically except for Tetsuya Odori (the all night dance). During August 13-16, all night dance is held and it continues from 8pm to 4 or 5am. Many participants still continue to dance until it end. I was very surprised that it got really lively although they didn’t sleep and it was also very exiting for me,!

Information for Participation

  • Limited Accomodation

Many tourist come to Gujo Hachiman to participate in Gujo Odori so there are almost no accommodation you can book especially during all night dance period. I recommend you check out accommodation early or train time table.

  • Coin-Operated Locker is convenient

If you have large luggage, coin-operated locker is convenient. There are three facilities which have coin-operated locker around Gujo Hachiman area. The price is 100-200 Yen per a day.

Gujo Hachiman Tourist Information Center (旧庁舎記念館)

Jokamachi Plaza (城下町プラザ, Castle town plaza, bus terminal)

Gujo Hachiman Station (郡上八幡駅)

  • Food and Drink in Gujo Odori Venue

There are so many street food shops around festival venue.

Yakisoba (Fried Japanese Soba) Shop
A Temporary All Night Beer Garden
Some cafes also open until midnight
  • Geta: Japanese Wooden clog

Geta is Japanese traditional wooden clog. Many dance lovers wear it for dance. There are some geta shops in Gujo Hachiman. If you like it, you can buy it for Gujo Odori and a souvenir.

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