Castle, Hot Spring and Old street around Gifu city

Hidden Historic Sightseeing Spot in Gifu City

Although famous sightseeing spots in Gifu prefecture might be Takayama city or Shirakawa-Go. Gifu city is also a place worth to go. It is also easily accessible from Nagoya. It took about 20 minutes to Gifu station from Nagoya station by JR train.

Gifu city is one of my favorite spots in Gifu prefecture so I introduce my recommending spot around Gifu city.

Here, I introduce Gifu Park, Gifu Castle, Nagaragawa Onsen (hot spring) and Kawaramachi-old street.

Gifu Park: Japanese Garden, Rope way, Gojuno to (tower) and Tea Room

Gifu park is located at the base of Mt. Kinka. There are Japanese garden, tea room, museums, ropeway and so on. How about walking around Gifu park and drink green tea before going to Gifu castle.

The Panoramic View from Gifu Castle

Gifu castle located on top of Mt. Kinka 329m is one of the symbol in Gifu city. It is also known for Oda Nobunaga’s base in Sengoku period. The panoramic view from Gifu castle is wonderful.

Relax in TheNagaragawa Onsen

The Nagaragawa Onsen Park consists of seven ryokans and they offer daytime use. How about dropping in the hot spring for a day?

Explore Kawara-machi Old Street

Kawara-machi prospered as port town in Edo period and it still keep old Japanese style building. There are also some craft shops and cafe. You can enjoy hidden old Japanese street here.

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