Tonkotsu Ramen: How to Order Hardness of Noodle?

Summary Card of Hardness of Ramen noodle in Japanese

Dear ramen lovers

When you go to Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen shop, you might be asked to decide the hardness of noodle. It is important factor to enjoy Tonkotsu Ramen, but isn’t it difficult to order your favorite hardness in Japanese.

In this article, I would like to summarize it in simple Japanese written in alphabet.

OK, let me introduce each hardness.

English meanings: Pronunciation in Japanese/Japanese character/boiling time

Soft: Yawa/ やわ/70-100sec

Normal: Futsu/ 普通, ふつう/ 45-70sec

Hard: Katame/ 硬め, かため/ 20-45sec

Very Hard: Bari- Kata/ バリカタ/ ばりかた/15-20sec

Normal, Hard and very Hard are popular hardness, basically and my favorite is very Hard (バリカタ).

The hardness listed below is for ramen buff.

Very Soft: Bari Yawa/ バリやわ/100-150sec

Super Hard: Hari-Gane, ハリガネ, はりがね/7-15sec

Extremely Hard: Kona Otoshi, 粉落とし, こなおとし/3-7sec

I think “Very Soft” and “Extremely Hard” are not so popular and not covered by all ramen shops.

My Recommendation of Tonkotsu Ramen in Gujo Hachiman

Gujo Tonkotsu Ramen “Kanmina”, is one of my favorite ramen in Gujo Hachiman. It is located in center street in Gujo Hachiman. I sometimes go when I feel like to eat ramen!

Enjoy Ramen!

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