Igawa Komichi: only 100m waterways walk with beautiful stream, quaint town scape and fish

Canal side alley “Igawa Komichi” is one of the beautiful spot in Gujo Hachiman, Gifu prefecture.

Igawa Komichi is a small, old and locals familiar path along the waterway in Gujo Hachiman. The water in Igawa Komichi streams from Yoshidagawa river.

Long ago, people used this water for daily use such as washing their vegetables, washing dishes and cooling fruits. After the water works installation, people still keep the canal clean.

You can enjoy watching the beautiful stream and fish while strolling. The width of the path is only 1 m and very close to the water surface so you can feel water easily. You can also see fish such as Koi (carp), Amago (trout) and Iwana (trout) swimming in the waterway.

You can enjoy one of the typical Gujo Hachiman scene and mood here so I think it is good place for taking photos. Both daytime and nighttime are nice.  Please watch your step especially when you go at night.  I almost fell in when I was into taking photos…

Have a nice trip!


From Jokamachi Plaza 

less than 10-minute walk (450 m) from Jokamachi Plaza.

From Gujo Hachiman station (Nagaragawa railway)

about 20-minute walk (1.5 km) from Gujo Hachiman station.

From Gujo Hachiman IC (Highway bus stop)

about 30-minute walk (2.4 km) from Gujo Hachiman IC.

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