Yanaka Mizu-no Komichi: A Pocket Park along a Waterway

Yanaka Mizuno Komichi (Yanaka Water Path), a pocket park along a waterway in Gujo Hachiman is located in machiya, Japanese traditional downtown house area. It was constructed in 1988 to improve townscape and raise local awareness of water environment. The water way is modeled after Yoshidagawa so it was put a lot of thought into by designers. Especially, the 80 thousand* of cobbles for pavement picked from nearby riverside.

Yanaka Mizu-no Komichi is named after Yanaka Inari Shrine, the image of a springy town and a path. Yanaka Shrine is right next to it. “Mizu” means water and “Komichi” means path in Japanese.

It is also good place to take rest. There are drinking fountain and benches so how about having a break and then get back to trip.

Have a nice trip!

*The Japanese pronunciation of “80 thousand” is “hachiman” . Of course this town is Gujo “Hachiman” yet their meaning is different.

Yanaka Inari Shrine
Yanaka Inari Shrine
Night scape of Yanaka Mizu-no Komichi
a winter scene
a winter scene


From Jokamachi Plaza

less than 10-minute walk (400 m) from Jokamachi Plaza.

From Gujo Hachiman station (Nagaragawa railway)

less than 20-minute walk (1.2 km) from Gujo Hachiman station.

From Gujo Hachiman IC (Highway bus stop)

less than 30-minute walk (2.2 km) from Gujo Hachiman IC.

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