What is this craft made?: A fortune craft Nanten Dama

When you are strolling around Gujo Hachiman, you might see this craft made at shop entrance.

This is called Nanten-dama and especially popular in Gujo. It is a Japanese good luck craft made by a bunch of Nanten (Nandina domestica)’s seeds. Many people hang it from the roof of shops or houses.

As long as I know, there are three reason which is regarded to good luck. First reason is the name of Nanten. “Nan” means difficulty and “ten” means changing for the better so we think it brings luck. Second reason is the color. Red is considered good luck in Japan. Finally, the color of Nanten changes from red to black. We liken it finance so It is considered good luck in management, too.

Why don’t you go there and find good luck?

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